The Morning Cruise Replay - Fantastic Ideas & Foods

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

On this Thanksgiving Eve edition of The Morning Cruise, we explored our imaginative sides and told you about some fantastic food options for your Thanksgiving table. 

We pulled in Jules for her to share a story about her daughter who has a loose tooth. She's wanting to hold on to the tooth until Christmas Eve so that the Tooth Fairy and Santa can meet! 

With news that Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings taking over the hosting duties, at least temporarily, Dave told us about his dreams of hosting a game show. And Carmen may have a way to turn that dream into a reality for him. 

If you're looking for restaurant quality Thanksgiving meals, but don't want to eat out tomorrow, Bill gave us a list of some establishments offering full meals to go. 

And if you have somebody coming over that is plant-based, you may want to grab a Tofurky. But, finding one may prove to be a little hard, as Bill told us how sales have increased for the product. 

Last year, a few people in the office participated in a white elephant gift exchange. Carmen brought Haley in to explain the parameters of the gift exchange so that Dave, Bill and Carmen could have their own exchange. Except she didn't want to call it a "white elephant" gift exchange, so Bill quickly came up with an imaginative alternative. 

And for some last minute side dish ideas for Thanksgiving, check out for recipes on Crock Pot Mac & Cheese, Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Applesauce, and of course, the Forget Me Not Cranberry Sauce. 

And if you're looking to enhance the conversation around the table, check out Bill's BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Jules Daughter wants to introduce Santa and the Tooth Fairy 

02:52 Louie Giglio's Advent Devotional starts Monday 

04:14 New Jeopardy Host 

07:34 Dave's Game Show Hosting Dream 

09:32 Thanksgiving Meals To Go 

13:57 Tofurky Sales Are Up 

15:37 TMC Gift Exchange 

19:42 Blue Giraffe Exchange on Monday 

21:28 Crock Pot Side Dish Recipes 

23:16 Cranberry Sauce Recipe from Tammi 

26:17 Christmas Pudding Caller 

28:57 Bill's BIG Word 

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