The Morning Cruise Replay - Helping Hands

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

If you tuned in to The Morning Cruise looking for help, we had a few helping hands this morning. 

On the way home yesterday, Carmen witnessed an accident and the help that came to the aid of the man in the wreck. 

Dave told us about a 7-year-old bracelet maker that is doing her part to raise money for PPE supplies. 

If you need help trying to decipher one interpretation of the Gospel over another, we've got a book for you to check out! Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers. 

Carmen has read through the entire Bible once before and is doing it again. And this time, she has learned even more interesting things that she missed before. 

Many famous faces are stepping in to help Jeopardy with temporary hosting duties. One of those famous faces belongs to NFL Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. 

If you want help with a Bible History Overview, Paige Brown and her Wednesday Bible Study is a great place to start. 

NASA needs your help and has a contest to find ways to grow sustainable food in space. 

And to finish out the show, we got a lot of help from Amanda Tress, founder of FASTer Way To Fat Loss, as she answered all of our questions on intermittent fasting, nutrition and fitness. 


00:33 Carmen witnesses an accident

03:49 7-year-old bracelet maker 

05:35 Another Gospel? 

10:23 Abraham's second wife

15:04 Aaron Rodgers to host Jeopardy! 

17:34 what it takes to be a good host and contestant

20:19 Amanda Tress coming in 

21:25 Paige Brown's Bible Study Starts TODAY

25:06 Space Farming and Pop Tarts 

27:23 Amanda Tress and her impact on Carmen's health 

31:04 Fasting Is Not Starving 

36:00 First round of text questions

40:01All About Exercise 

45:22 JOY FM Round and more text questions 

53:58 Wrapping It Up with Amanda Tress 

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