The Morning Cruise Replay - Likes and Dislikes

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

There's lots to like about today's show and maybe a few dislikes as well, depending on how you see things. 

Carmen got us started by telling us about a new favorite, the cauliflower rice bowl from Zoe's Kitchen. 

Then Dave had his chance to share his love for Buc-ee's, which he will be making a stop at twice this weekend. 

Many people have written notes to us to say how much they love the candle for Carmen's Crewe, and there are still a few left before we get to FriendRaiser.

We've also heard from a few people to say how much they don't love some things we do. These "love letters" as Carmen calls them had her sharing from Matthew 5:44 this morning. 

Dave shares his love of space with a fellow Cajun and this particular person might be the first Cajun and one of the first civilians in space. 

To that, Bill shared a story that had the interest of Dave and Carmen. Dave because it involved NASA and Carmen because it has to do with a little superstition that has become tradition for launches. 

Like to work from home but want to look a little more professional while staying comfortable? Bill has a few options for your wardrobe. 

Carmen has become a fan of Spanx, but one particular product they have, just isn't available in her size. 

Today is Hitch's birthday and Carmen learned a little bit more about our Producer, including what he would like to do on his ideal day. 

Dave's wife likes a lot of her jewelry and now she's going through it to see just how valuable it is, which has Dave smiling. 

For those feeling lonely in times like this, Japan has now appointed a Minister of Loneliness to combat the suicide rate. 

Of all the things we talked about this morning, many people liked what Dave had to say about Buc-ee's. 

And we know a lot of people like to hear Bill's BIG Word of the Day, so he didn't disappoint. 

00:32 Zoe's Kitchen - Cauliflower Rice Bowl 

05:48 Planning 2 stops at Buc-ee's 

10:57 New Buc-ee's location 

11:28 FriendRaiser 

16:01 Matthew 5:44 

18:33 Civilian space flight 

23:50 NASA and peanuts 

25:42 Japanese Work From Home Wear 

30:28 Spanx 

33:48 Hitch's Birthday 

39:16 Emilie and valuable jewelry 

42:54 Loneliness In Japan 

47:15 Audience Reaction 

48:59 Bill's BIG Word 

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