The Morning Cruise Replay -with Jay DeMarcus

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Jay DeMarcus joined Dave, Bill and Carmen to share about his music career as a member of East To West and Rascal Flatts and now as the founder of Red Street Records. 

Before we got to that chat, Bill gushed about his overnight oats while Carmen was excited for a new bread. 

After our conversation with Jay, Bill gave us some fashion tips from the Wall Street Journal. 

We caught up with Tammi and got her recipe for Sheet Pan Fajitas which she calls, "the best fajitas I've ever made". 

Carmen is all caught up and excited for Season 2 of The Chosen. 

Dave told us about some new flavor options from Duke's Mayo. 

00:33 Jay DeMarcus coming up 

02:27 Bill's Overnight Oats 

05:45 Carmen's Zucchini Bread 

08:13 Jay DeMarcus and East To West 

11:53 Jay DeMarcus and Rascal Flatts 

18:02 Jay DeMarcus and the intersection of Country and Christian music 

20:40 Wrapping it up with Jay DeMarcus 

23:51 Wall Street Journal Fashion Tips 

28:22 Wall Street Journal Fashion Tips Part 2

31:31 Tammi - Fear of Birds 

35:04 Tammi's Sheet Pan Fajitas 

40:34 The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1 

47:00 The Chosen Season 2 Episode 2

52:55 Duke's Mayo Flavors 

56:13 Bill's BIG Word 


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