The Morning Cruise Replay - On The Struggle Bus

Thursday, April 22, 2021

If you're on the struggle bus, our hope is that we help you find a way off the bus and closer to finding joy. 

Bill woke us up with a study on sleep and the link between a lack of sleep and dementia. 

After re-sharing our conversation with Jo Dee Messina, Carmen told us about her struggle to get her hands on a Dolly Parton t-shirt. 

For those struggling with mental health,  Bill, an avid birder, shared a study on the positive impacts of birding on mental health. 

We all struggled through 2020 and the COVID- 19 pandemic. It even put a damper on the celebration that was supposed to the Farewell Tour for Tenth Avenue North. Mike Donehey called in to discuss their final 2 shows happening tonight and tomorrow in Orlando. 

Many people jumped on the bus when it came to a petition to get LeVar Burton on as a guest host for Jeopardy! and now that is becoming a reality as the producers announced the next slate of guest hosts. 

Bill didn't have to look too far for his BIG Word

00:33 Sleep Study 

05:01 Dolly Parton T-shirt struggle

10:39 T-shirt struggle texts 

14:07 Birding and mental health 

18:16 Mass Appeal of birding 

20:15 Mike Donehey what led to farewell tour 

23:19 Mike Donehey - headlights to wrath of God 

26:41 Mike Donehey - most memorable lyric 

30:50 Mike Donehey - A Father and Two Sons Parable 

34:04 Tenth Avenue North  wrapping it up 

35:19 LeVar Burton and Jeopardy! 

39:00 Bill's BIG Word - propinquity 


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