The Morning Cruise Replay - To Be Young Again

Friday, April 23, 2021

Dave got us started this morning and brought us back to our youth with a story about quick sand.

After re-sharing our conversation with Mike Donehey of Tenth Avenue North (as they get ready for their last show as a band tonight in Orlando!), Bill told us how he and his wife learned about their son and daughter-in-law’s pregnancy.

As Bill prepares to become a  grandparent for the first time, Dave told us how his kids shared the news with them that they were expecting.

Jules shared a few hilarious stories with us this morning. Her mom is feeling young again. Jules had a nightmare from her younger days and her kids wanted to enjoy their Spring Break while she wanted it to be an educational experience.

We’re wrapping up our first week on 98.1 in Daytona and Orlando and would love to hear from some new listeners.

As children of God, we are constantly learning from him and Bill shared how a lesson from an episode of The Chosen and a C.S. Lewis book has helped him and a friend of his.

Carmen expanded on that with some encouraging words for those wrestling with God.

Bill capped off an eventful week here with his BIG Word of the Day.


00:33 Quick Sand

03:11 Nurse in Quicksand

06:39 How Bill found out about pregnancy

10:11 Dave’s kids and baby news

12:58 Jules – Second Sight

17:05 Jules – Trailer Park Nightmare

21:21 Jules – Spring Break

25:45 First Week in Orlando

28:35 The Chosen and A Grief Observed

32:30 Wrestling with God

37:56 Bill’s BIG Word – loquacity

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