The Morning Cruise Replay - Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Monday, April 26, 2021

David Bowie's song, "Changes," comes to mind ( as well as "Changed" by Jordan Feliz) with the various ways we discussed change this morning on The Morning Cruise. 

Dave got us started with an update on the grandchildren as all 3 sons are adding boys to the family in the months to come. 

Bill spent some time with 2 of his sons this weekend. One of which has had some big life changes as Adam and his wife, Lea are not only pregnant with Bill and Kimberly's first grandchild, but they moved into their first home this weekend as well. 

Carmen gave a recommendation for an Instagram follow of @everydollar for those looking to make some changes to the way they spend and save money. 

Know anybody making a positive change in your community? You can nominate them for the Do Goodie Award, courtesy of Buddy Brew Coffee. 

Chick-fil-A is making changes to their menu and that has some people upset. 

Next time Dave gets the remote at home, chances are he'll be changing the channel to his Roku to watch "This Old House". 

Speaking of home improvements, the prices of lumber and foam have changed, but not in a good way for your wallet. 

The record books need to be changed and have Rob Gronkowski's name added after his world-record breaking catch. 

Looking to change it up in the kitchen? Bill has a recipe for Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. 

The population of the International Space Station has changed to 11, a crowd not seen there in more than a decade. 

Not much changes with Bill's BIG Word, but he did change it up with his theme for the words he picks this week. 

00:33 Dave's 3 grandsons 

03:59 Adam's move 

07:33 @everydollar 

12:45 Buddy Brew Do Goodie Award 

15:14 Chick-fil-A menu changes 

18:49 Menu changes confirmed 

22:21 Roku TV - "This Old House"

26:31 Price of lumber and foam 

30:52 Gronk's World Record 

33:05 Do Goodie Award 

34:55 Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Wings 

38:03 Space X Launch 

42:19 Bill's BIG Word - facsimile


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