The Morning Cruise Replay - Whistle Stop Tour

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

With Carmen out, Dave and Bill took The Morning Cruise on a whistle stop tour of sorts touching on a variety of topics. 

And if you are planning a trip, you may want to plan well ahead for a rental car. Otherwise, you might be getting a U-Haul! 

And as the conversation kept rolling on summer travel plans, we found out about a car sharing service at 

Bill took us across the pond to the United Kingdom where they are remembering author and chaplain to the Queen, John Stott, on what would have been his 100th birthday.

Dave shared a cute video from his granddaughter, Emmie, attempting to whistle. 

Bill helped solve the mystery on unpopped popcorn kernels. 

Late last week, Dave, Bill and Carmen took a trip to Nashville to sit down with MercyMe. We'll be sharing that conversation on Thursday and Friday this week. 

And Dave steered us towards the Florida Keys where there are concerns about GMO mosquitoes. 

We'll be making stops all around the listening area tomorrow afternoon handing out JOY FM stickers. We shared all the locations that we'll be at this morning. 

If you took a tour through Baltimore recently, you might have smelled Creme Brulee in the air. Turns out it wasn't what people thought it was. Dave gave us all the details on the source of that smell. 

And as always, Bill made a quick stop and shared a BIG Word this morning. 

00:33 Carmen out sick 

02:41 Sticker Stops tomorrow 

05:20 U-Haul instead of rental cars 

08:12 Travel by car instead of plane 

11:52 texts on summer travel plans 


20:13 John Stott and Basic Christianity 

25:36 John Stott and The Cross of Christ 

28:34 Emmie whistling 

31:16 Unpopped Popcorn 

33:54 MercyMe and GMO foods 

36:50 GMO Mosquitoes in Islamorada

41:16 Sticker Stop Locations 

43:27 Sugar Factory Fire 

47:00 Bill's BIG Word 



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