The Morning Cruise Replay - Breathing Space

Thursday, April 29, 2021

We like to think of your time spent with us each morning as a bit of a breathing space. So as you sit back, relax and enjoy this episode of The Morning Cruise Replay. Take one big Inhale and one big Exhale as we share some new music, share life and a special conversation with MercyMe for their new album, Inhale (Exhale). 

One of the biggest responses we got from yesterday was when we shared new music from CeCe Winans. It was so good, we also shared her song with Carrie Underwood to help get your day started. 

Now once you get to work, email can be a bit of a hassle. Bill offered up a review of a book on A World Without Email by Cal Newport. Carmen shared a few tips to help handle the issues that can come up with email. 

And when it comes to marriage, sometimes it is good to find some space with your spouse and just ask each other 5 questions that we learned about with Brandon and Siebe Heath that happened to come up in our timehop. Dave also shared a few memories from previous years in his timehop. 

Dave, our resident expert on space, gave us an update on the current mission on the International Space Station. 

Speaking of space, that is what started our conversation with MercyMe during a recent visit to their international headquarters to hear new music from their album, Inhale(Exhale), which was originally titled Spaceman! 

And don't forget to join us tomorrow for Part II of our chat wtih Bart and the guys

00:33 CeCe Winans new song 

03:30 Cece and Carrie Underwood 

05:21 Email at Work 

09:27 Email tips 

12:59 5 Questions Timehop 

16:53 Dave's Timehop 

19:46 Astronauts stuck in space 

23:45 MercyMe Up Next 

25:41 MercyMe- NASA and Cabin Life 

28:27 MercyMe - Artwork and Almost Home 

31:04 MercyMe- Gary Miracle and Say I Won't 

36:40 MercyMe- Football Fandom 

40:25 MercyMe - Bart and Sam with On Our Way 

45:40 MercyMe - Sam gives the story behind On Our Way 

47:44 Bill's BIG Word - expiration

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