The Morning Cruise Replay - A Sure Bet

Friday, April 30, 2021

WIth the start of May happening this weekend, we're gonna be doing A Mile A Day In May Challenge again. But this time, Jayar will be doing it as well. Although, he needed a little extra motivation, so he's betting Dave, Bill, Carmen, Steve, and Alexa, $100 each if he doesn't get a mile in each day. We're pretty sure he'll be paying up at the end of the month! 

It was a sure bet in the NFL Draft last night when Trevor Lawrence was selected first overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bill gave us some insight into his character. 

Today was Day 2  of our 2-part chat with MercyMe with their new album, Inhale (Exhale). We bet you'll be running to get your own copy of the album when you hear some of the stories behind the songs. 

00:33 A Mile A Day in May Challenge 

03:49 Jayar's Bet 

06:59 All Bets Placed 

08:20 Trevor Lawrence's character 

12:12 The rest of the NFL Draft first round 

15:51 Gary Miracle video 

18:29 Do Goodie Award 

21:44 Mile A Day in May Calendar 

23:26 Mercy Me - Working with Gary Levox 

26:16 Mercy Me - First Jobs 

32:15 Mercy Me - streaming live tonight 

33:01 Mercy Me - Blessed 

34:40 Mercy Me - The Bright Side of Broken 

37:23 Mercy Me - The band's biggest fight 

41:27 Mercy Me - Working with Gloria Gaynor 

44:23 Mercy Me - Let Yourself Be Loved 

46:15 Wrapping it up with Mercy Me 

49:02 Bill's BIG Word 

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