The Morning Cruise Replay - Best Days

Monday, May 03, 2021

It's a Monday, so what better day than today to talk about our best days. 

Bill got us started with an update on the weekend's efforts for our Mile A Day In May. 

The NFL held their draft days this past weekend, and the New York Jets are gonna need some clarification on the jerseys of 2 players. 

Bill's family celebrated this weekend with a gender reveal party for Adam and Lea. 

Tik Tok trends are filling up our days including one that brings us back to the days of our childhood with a bottle of apple juice. 

Yesterday, Carmen heard a great message from Pastor Aaron Burke of Radiant Church getting us Battle Ready with some Fight Prep. That reminded Dave of a sweet story with his dog and his granddaughter. 

Over the weekend, Bill and his wife got caught up on season 1 of The Chosen which takes a dramatic look at the days of Jesus. 

Carmen and her family had a conversation last night about their best day of the year, so she asked Dave and Bill about their best day of 2021 so far, and we got quite a few responses on the text line as well. 

Carmen wanted to make today a day for giving some hats away so she set a goal for followers on Instagram. 

And Bill gave us a BIG Word that looks like it takes us back to the days before dating, but that is not quite what it means! 


00:33 Mile A Day In May 

04:27 Jets drafting Michael Carters

06:19 Adam and Lea's Gender Reveal 

10:44 Apple Juice Bottle Viral Trend 

14:04 Fight Prep/Battle Ready

18:27 Emmie's Flowers for Maylene

23:00 The Chosen 

28:28 Best Day of the Year 

30:59 TMC's Best Days of 2021 

34:34 Text Responses

36:59  Instagram Followers Goal 

40:10 Mile A Day In May 

42:16 Bill's BIG Word 



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