The Morning Cruise Replay - Wonders Never Cease

Tuesday, May 04, 2021

From Stevie Wonder to technological wonders and the wonderful works of God, we covered it all on The Morning Cruise today! 

Dave got us started by telling us why Stevie Wonder was spotted in the driver's seat of his car on a recent date with his wife. He followed that up with news about Domino's bringing back an old advertising character to celebrate the technological wonder that will help them with future pizza deliveries. 

All that talk and all people were wondering about were Carmen's pants! 

Ever wonder what Bill is wearing today? He revealed that and some more about himself on this Star Wars Day! 

For those of you wondering what to do for Mother's Day, we've got a great cookbook you could win for you and your mom! 

We explored the wonderful works of God in the Jesus and Women Bible Study that Carmen is doing. 

And that had us wondering what the last words were that you heard from someone in your life that passed away. 

Heard about White Castle and wondered what it was like? Well... you might wanna take a road trip to Orlando! 

We're doing a Mile a Day in May, but apparently we only need 4 seconds of High Intensity Interval Training. 

But sometimes the best exercise we can do is to run to the Father. 

Wonder what autonomous means? Bill's got the details for you with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:33 Stevie Wonder Behind The Wheel 

05:31 Domino's Brings Back The Noid 

10:11 Carmen's Pants 

12:06 May The Fourth 

14:42 Love, Manuela Cookbook giveaway 

16:36 Jesus and Women Bible Study 

22:05 Jesus and Women - last words 

26:20 Last Words Texts 

28:24 Text from Summer 

32:28 Cookbook on Instagram 

35:37 White Castle in Orlando 

39:12 4 seconds of HIIT 

43:52 Run To The Father 

46:00 Cookbook giveaway 

47:07 Cookbook winners and Bill's BIG Word 


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