The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Right Frame

Wednesday, May 05, 2021

We started our morning getting you in the right frame of mind with some pictures and accounts to check out on Instagram. We've heard from Manuela of the @passionforbaking account yesterday when we posted on @themorningcruise that we would be giving away a copy of her cookbook, "Love, Manuela". 

We told you about some quirky Instagram accounts and then Carmen followed that up with a deep thought that Christine Caine shared on the social media platform. 

Some of our "family members" in the Prattville area are on  our minds as they deal with the aftermath of severe storms yesterday. 

Bill gave us some insight into setting boundaries with the help of the Boundaries Book series. 

The way a headline is framed can cause panic in some...until they read further into the article on venomous spiders in Florida. 

Cadbury has framed their response to the pandemic by asking customers to not purchase from them, but rather spend their money with small local chocolate shops. 

We've got a winner for the Love, Manuela contest

While today is Cinco De Mayo, Carmen's mind is on her brother-in-law. 

And with today being Cinco De Mayo, a new song from Evan Craft was on our minds 

and Bill gave us a BIG Word that has been on his mind since yesterday. 

00:33 Manuela Cookbook 

03:55 Quirky Instagram Follows 

09:43 Christine Caine Post 

12:55 Storms in Prattville 

14:24 Boundaries Book Series 

22:44 Responses to setting boundaries 

24:44 Venomous Spiders 

28:21 Cadbury Chocolate 

32:55 Cookbook Giveaway - Last Chance 

36:40 Cookbook Giveaway - Winner 

38:36 Richard's Birthday/ Cinco De Mayo 

40:26 Evan Craft Song 

41:16 Bill's BIG Word 

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