The Morning Cruise Replay - Ap(peel)s and Prayers

Thursday, May 06, 2021

On this National Day of Prayer, we appealed for you to join us praying for familes, the church and government. We also introduced you to Maria, who is from Nigeria and currently studying at the University of North Georgia. She shared her story with us and we appealed for your help with her college fund before she shared her beautiful prayer song with us. 

And...we managed to slip a story in about banana peels! 


00:33 Appeal for Prayer 

02:52 Carmen, Dave, and Bill pray for families, the church and our government 

13:06 Reflection on Prayer 

18:36 Quick Introduction to Maria 

20:14 Banana Peel Bacon 

25:05 Monkeys peeling Bananas 

27:58 Christine Caine Scriptures 

32:24 National Day of Prayer by the numbers 

35:15 Maria's childhood in Nigeria 

42:41 Maria - Giving her life to Christ 

47:56 Maria's GoFundMe 

50:12 Maria - Coming to the U.S. 

55:45 Maria's Plans For The Future 

58:45 Maria's Prayer Song 

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