The Morning Cruise Replay - Smarty Pants

Friday, May 07, 2021

After sharing our conversation with Maria once again, we got our smarty pants on to learn all sorts of things. 

Not only did we learn that today is No Pants Day, but we got an education on a wide variety of topics from telemedicine, an at-home Chick-fil-A sandwich hack, edible parts of foods that you wouldn't normally eat, the effort to spread the Gospel in Sierra Leone, new music from a new artist, and a BIG Word from Bill reminding us that this weekend is Mother's Day! 

Bill and his son tried telemedicine for the first time. And Bill has been trying an at-home hack for a Chick-fil-A sandwich that he learned about from Tammi. But he hasn't quite perfected it yet. 

After Dave told us about Banana Peel Bacon yesterday, Carmen gave us some other parts of foods that you wouldn't know are edible. 

Today is apparently No Pants Day. What started out as a way to celebrate the end of the college semester has turned into an opportunity to highlight thrift stores. 

Carmen told us about a conversation she had yesterday with a woman in Sierra Leone who is launching 5 radio stations and working to spread the Gospel message there. 

Dave treated us to a new song from a new artist. 

Bill shared how he and his family will be celebrating Mother's Day and he followed that up with his BIG Word 

00:33 Telemedicine 

03:24 Chick-fil-A Hack Fail 

06:11 Parts of Foods That You Wouldn't Normally Eat - Part 1 

09:20 Parts of Foods That You Wouldn't Normally Eat - Part 2 

12:22 No Pants Day 

15:27 Radio in Sierra Leone 

19:17 New Music from Anne Wilson 

21:37 Reactions on her song, My Jesus

23:17 Happy Mother's Day 

25:20 Bill's BIG Word 

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