The Morning Cruise Replay - From Strength To Strength

Monday, May 10, 2021

Sometimes Mondays require a lot of strength to get through. We helped you get a little stronger on The Morning Cruise today. 

With a week and a half of A Mile A Day In May under our belts, we're all getting physically stronger. 

A new musical offering from new artist, Anne Wilson got a really strong response from last week so we shared it again this morning. 

We celebrated the strength that it takes to be a mother yesterday for Mother's Day. We also got sad news as his mother-in-law passed away on Saturday. 

Family Reunions can be a source of strength and Bill wondered how people were adapting their family reunion time. 

Texas is known for being a strong state but we've got questions about their prom accessories. 

Carmen helped our spiritual strength as she shared a Battle Ready message from Pastor Aaron Burke. 

We've all had to build our resolve with the pandemic. Masks have helped us stay strong. And as we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the use of masks is being relaxed. 

Last week, we shared Maria's story with you and the impact has been widespread with some sharing how she helped them strengthen their own faith. 

But yet we all come face to face with doubt when it comes to our faith. Bill shared 4 questions you can ask to help defend against those doubtful thoughts. 

And Carmen gave us another rep to do with the Battle Ready sermon series on Ephesians 6 before Bill helped strengthen our vocabulary with his BIG Word. 

00:33 A Mile A Day update 

02:50 New song from Anne Wilson 

04:29 Mother's Day 

08:03 Family Reunions and Travel 

12:39 Text Responses 

13:07 The Struggle Is Spiritual - Battle Ready with Pastor Aaron Burke 

20:29 Facing Battles 

23:30 Mums In Texas 

28:02 Red Lobster Prom Accessories 

30:38 Masks Relaxing 

36:35 Impact of Maria's Story 

40:03 Doubts and Deconstruction 

44:46 4 Questions 

50:11 Battle Ready 

55:39 Ephesians 6 

57:43 Bill's BIG Word 





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