The Morning Cruise Replay - From A Distance

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

We got the morning started with a new song from Gary Levox, Go The Distance. Then we got your reaction to the song. 

In response to a conversation on Monday on travel, Dave brought up the idea of tiny cabins for a vacation getaway. 

On May 27th, we'll be covering a lot of distance as we'll be out and about for our JOY Drop & Restock. 

Carmen doesn't need glasses to see things at a distance. But she does need them for some near-sighted issues. But she's having issues with her glasses. 

Dave shared his own issues with getting new glasses as well. 

If you need to change your eating habits you may need to distance yourself from your coworkers. 

Dave stayed close to the workplace for his next story on taking naps at work. 

We've talked with Tammi before about her AirBnB cabin, but today we caught up with  her to learn how to make breaded artichoke hearts. 

BetaMax is a thing of the distant past, but that didn't stop us from reminiscing about that technology. 

And when it comes to thinking about things from a distance, Bill's BIG Word today comes to mind! 


00:33 New song from Gary Levox 

02:43 Our reactions to the song

03:53 Your reactions to the song 

04:30 Tiny Cabins 

07:46 JOY Drop & Restock 

11:27 Carmen's Glasses Saga 

15:39 Dave's Silhouette's 

20:01 Blame Your Coworkers for your eating habits 

23:23 Get Paid To Nap 

26:30 Tammi and Cakes 

30:07 Tammi's Breaded Artichoke Hearts 

34:40 Sony BetaMax 

38:26 Bill's BIG Word - wistful

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