The Morning Cruise Replay - Awkwardness and Rites of Passage

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

With Jayar in for Dave this morning, we knew it would get awkward but we didn't know just how awkward it would be. Mix that in with a few conversations on rites of passage and that's what made for a great show today! 

Once Jayar arrived, he could have maybe used a cup of coffee to wake up before turning on the microphones as he accidentally dialed 911 while Carmen was telling us about a sweet text exchange with Dave's wife. 

Carmen told us how she had a Pay It Forward moment and Jayar suggests that you too can pay it forward on this National Root Canal Apprecation Day! 

Bill told us about the rite of passage he experienced with his son, Grady, as he purchased a new car earlier this week. And that had Bill reminiscing about his Renault Alliance back in the day. 

Jayar's daughter will be experiencing a rite of passage this weekend as she prepares to graduate high school. And with the conversation on cars earlier, he was curious about the cars we drove away from graduation in. 

Many people are driving to gas stations over fears of a gas shortage. But that's not the only shortage!  Apparently, Chick-fil-A is having a shortage on their sauce! 

With the gas shortage looming, Jayar was curious how long it would take each of us to walk to work .

Bill discussed parenting young adults and how identity becomes an important discussion in the home. 

Louie Giglio's latest book, Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table, was released yesterday. Jayar shared from Louie's take on Habakkuk 3. 

With all the new music we've been playing, Carmen has been learning a lot, especially with Maverick City. 

And she wanted to hear from new listeners in Orlando. 

And Bill kept with the rite of passage theme for his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:33 Dave out/ JOY Drop & Restock 

03:27 Jayar coming in next 

04:22 Jayar's accidental call 

08:15 Paying It Forward and National Root Canal Day 

14:02 A Rite of Passage with Grady's Car 

18:34 Renault and Gremlin 

21:45 Graduation Memories 

27:27 Car you drove from graduation 

31:05 Gas and Sauce Shortage 

36:50 How long to walk to work 

39:08 Identity and Parenting 

42:20 Habakkuk 3 

45:25 Maverick City 

48:41 Orlando listeners? 

52:20 Bill's BIG Word - matriculation 


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