The Morning Cruise Replay - It's A Gas

Thursday, May 13, 2021

With the gas shortage on our minds, we found a few ways to get your day started. Fueling it with some insightful conversations and a few laughs as well (especially with Jayar filling in for Dave!). 

As news broke around the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, many people around the country are fueling up in fear that a gas shortage will impact them. Carmen had a hard time finding gas yesterday, but Pete came through late last night for her. 

Jayar has been diligently walking a mile each day in May. But he may need a little more coffee to get started this early in the morning as he confused his apps. 

Jayar brought a question to the show that would be a good dinner conversation starter. He asked each of us, "who in the Bible are you most like?" 

Carmen then followed that up with a question of her own, "What Do You Fear Most?" 

Jayar will be celebrating a birthday next week, but he needs a calculator to figure out how old he will be. 

One topic that will get Jayar going is pirate lore. 

Bill tried to play a game of Crayon or Slurpee but Carmen and Jayar put the brakes on it. 

While Jayar is doing well with the Mile A Day In May, Carmen and Bill have some catching up to do. 

Bill is on the subscription train with Misfits Market. He told us about that and then gave us a BIG Word of the Day. 

00:33 Colonial Pipeline 

02:34 Carmen's gas adventure

08:52 Bible App for Runners 

11:20 Who in the Bible are you most like? Answers for Jayar and Bill 

18:23 Who in the Bible are you most like? Answers for Carmen 

22:28 What Do You Fear Most? 

28:45 Luke 11:5-32 

33:47 Birthday calculations 

39:32 Pirate Lore 

45:20 Slurpee or Crayola? 

47:59 Mile A Day in May 

52:24 Misfits Market 

58:20 Bill's BIG Word 



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