The Morning Cruise Replay - Growth Opportunities

Friday, May 14, 2021


Jayar joined Bill and Carmen for one more day as Dave is out for his mother-in-law’s funeral. Jules also stopped by and we had a lot of opportunities to talk about growth this morning.

While fear can cripple the best of us, we can also grow from that experience as we walk through it.

Our knowledge on pirates grew as Jayar gave us all sorts of nuggets on pirates.

As we continue to grow, we’re adding more and more stops for JOY Drop & Restock coming soon!

Today is a big day in Jayar’s house as his oldest daughter graduates from high school.

Jules is trying to grow out her lashes after an unfortunate mishap that led to her discovery that she is allergic to glue for lashes. And as her daughters are growing up, she’s now in that stage of parenting where her kids find her to be cringey.

We also shared one of the funniest moments we’ve ever had with Jayar filling in on The Morning Cruise. Back in the day when he was growing things in his backyard garden, he thought about employing his recently retired dad in a unique position.

And since we got to talking about gardening, Bill shared how some are finding a unique way to grow their gardens.

Carmen’s love for chickpeas is growing now that she’s been introduced to the snack food, Hippeas.

As we go into the weekend, Bill helps our vocabulary grow with his BIG Word.


00:33 Walking Through Fear

05:22 Call from Kimberly

06:52 Pirate Lore

12:02 JOY Drop & Restock

14:35 Graduation for Kansas

17:55 Watching Kansas grow up

21:25 Jules Lashes

26:41 Learning about baby lashes

27:44 Jules is now the cringey mom

31:39 JOY Drop & Restock

33:57 One of the funniest moment with Jayar filling in

36:58 Jayar’s Dad and the scarecrow job

39:42 Cardens

43:00 Hippeas

46:38 Bill’s BIG Word

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