The Morning Cruise Replay - On the Money

Monday, May 17, 2021

On today's show, you could say we were on the money. 

Carmen shared a message on counterfeit money and today happens to be Tax Day.

00.33 Dave's Week at Mother-in-Law's Memorial

04:50 Bill and Family at Coffee Shop

08:22 Clip from Stephen Chandler

13:10 Podcast with "Counterfeit" Gospel

19:18 Traveling for Gas Shortage

24:13 Tax Day Savings

26:33 What Have You Learned to do on YouTube?

30:30 Call and Text

33:26 Sweet Lorens Brought Us Together

37:48 Edible Wanted Posters

40:28 Call to Emily - Lost Keys

45:02 Believe for It Song

48:49 Bill's BIG Word of the Day 

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