The Morning Cruise Replay - Java and Joy

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

What's better than a little java and joy to get your morning started? 

If you missed it yesterday, we re-shared a conversation with Dave's wife, Emilie, about a gift her son got her so she wouldn't lose her keys. Emilie and Bill both seem to have the ability to lose their keys quite a bit. So Bill helped himself and others with this dilemma by giving us the brain science behind losing our keys. 

Perhaps  all Bill needs is a little coffee to help his alertness when it comes to losing his keys. But coffee-less coffee? Bill tells us all about this new product and we learned that work is underway to try and grow coffee in Florida! 

In the latest episode of OFF-AIR with Carmen, we introduce you to Laura Whitaker, the Executive Director of Extra Special People (ESP). One of the programs run by ESP is Java Joy, a coffee delivery service employing special needs individuals that they call JOYristas. 

Whenever he gets the chance to talk about anything space-related, Dave is happy to take the opportunity. He recently got something in the mail as a gift. He just needs a little help to identify what it is and where it came from! 

Bill is happy to be alive this morning after an outing with his men's group to TopGolf. 

Some people won't be happy to hear that the Summer Olympics is in question once again.

And Bill always perks up when he gets the chance to share his BIG Word. 

00:33 Emilie's lost keys  

05:00 Why We Lose Our Keys 

10:03 Coffee-less Coffee 

14:28 Growing coffee in Florida 

17:24 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Laura Whitaker and Java Joy's white aprons 

23:07 Java Joy in JOY FM cities 

25:59 OFF-AIR with Carmen: Laura Whitaker - our friend, Gregory 

31:22 Big Daddy Weave in mourning 

32:50 Dave's Piece of Space Memorabilia 

37:56 Looking for a Rocket Scientist 

39:54 Bill at TopGolf 

44:06 Summer Olympics in question 

46:15 Bill's BIG Word 

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