The Morning Cruise Replay - A Thursday Morning Saga

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Dave got our Thursday Morning Saga started by telling us about the WingFeather Saga and the crowdfunding campaign to make it happen. 

We can't recommend enough the saga that is The Chosen TV Series. Bill gave an update on where he and his wife are with staying up to date on the episodes. 

Carmen's excited to hear that Del Taco is coming to the Tampa Bay area and we got several saga-length texts telling us where the other locations are in our listening area. 

Bill asked Carmen if we had found a champion yet to help bring a Java Joy to The JOY FM. 

Louie Giglio has another tale to tell with his new book, Don't Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table. He recently jumped on Instagram to have a lengthy and powerful conversation with Lysa TerKeurst. 

Dave told us the tale of his recent travel woes due to his GPS. 

And then he tried to tempt Carmen with a new product from Reese's; to which she told us of her struggles with self-control. 

For some, May has dragged on. For others, they are running through the month with our Mile A Day in May. Turns out that just 15 minutes a day will get your fitness level going. 

When it comes to vacation planning, Bill's struggles are a saga all their own. 

And his BIG Word has a story you'll have to hear to believe. 

00:33 WingFeather Saga 

04:29 Chosen Season 2 highlights 

07:40 Carmen's love for Del Taco 

12:18 Other Del Taco locations 

14:54 Looking for a Java Joy Tampa Champion 

20:21 Louie and Lysa's Instagram Chat 

27:28 Dave's GPS Travel Woes 

32:14 Joy Drop & Restock 

35:01 Reese's Pretzel Cups and self-control 

40:40 Mile A Day In May/ 15 minutes a day 

44:32 Bill's Vacation Planning Struggles 

50:02 Anne Wilson and Louie's Book 

51:37 Bill's BIG Word 

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