The Morning Cruise Replay - What's Cooking?

Friday, May 21, 2021

When Tammi comes to town, we know she's gonna cook up something delicious! She joined us in the studio for the later part of the show and of course, we talked quite a bit about food, but we did have a great conversation with what 5 words described each of us. 

Before she came in, Dave served up a story about a company's plan to bring employees back into the office. 

We're doing the prep work right now for you to bring all the food supplies to our JOY Drop & Restock next Thursday. 

While he's not a chef, Carmen is impressed with the work that Logan does when it comes to spiraling. And that had Dave thinking about the work that it takes to emboss Bibles. 

Jayar has been feasting with some of the biggest hymns in history in his song battle. Alexa came in to tell us the latest on the contest. And then Dave gave us a song fresh out of of the oven from Phil Wickham. 

As soon as Tammi got to town, she was in Carmen's kitchen. But the ingredients weren't as fresh as she thought they should be. 

Carmen's meals have largely consisted of Tammi's guacamole, so she gave us the recipe for this avocado-based favorite. For Tammi, cooking truly is her love language and it comes from her family. 

And while we realize that most of our conversations are about food, Dave tried to flip the chat over with what 5 words we would write on a cake for each other. 

00:33 Tesla To Come To Work

05:06 JOY Drop and Restock

07:35 Logan’s spiraling work

13:34 Embossing Bibles

15:13 Alexa on the Song Battle

18:58 New song from Phil Wickham

22:27 Tammi – HelloSemiFresh

25:05 Tammi HelloFresh and Real Food

29:09 Tammi’s Guacamole

33:37 Cooking as a Love Language

37:36 5 Words on Your Cake – Part 1

40:51 5 Words on Your Cake – Part 2

44:44 5 Words on Your Cake – Part 3

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