The Morning Cruise Replay - Through The Turbulence with Darren Mulligan

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Darren Mulligan was our guest on the show today and he had some thoughts that not only got him through the turbulence of the pandemic but through flight turbulence as well. 


00:33 Eggplant Recipe 

05:07 $100 Disney Sandwich 

07:07 JOY Drop & Restock 

10:52 Beauty Products Sales are up 

14:15 Looking for a dishwasher

17:43 Text Recommendations 

18:54 Darren Mulligan after Quarantine 

25:42 Darren- Dave picks a bone

29:55 Darren - Turbulence and Repentance 

32:58 Darren - Family Update 

40:13 Darren - New music to come 

44:51 Darren - Come What May 

51:28 Darren - Gideon Bibles and a memorable encounter 


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