The Morning Cruise Replay - Chain Reaction

Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Today was one chain reaction after another on The Morning Cruise. 

At an industy networking conference last week, Carmen and Bill shared some life hacks from Pastor Chad Veach. Bill partially celebrated his 30th anniversary with Kimberly last night and was reminded of the game show, Chain Reaction. Despite Kimberly not remembering watching the show (and Carmen not familiar with it at all...) Bill decided it would be fun to play a quick game of it on the show today. 

Soon you might be able to link your driver's license to your phone through an Apple Wallet feature. 

On the verge of taking summer vacations, Carmen asked how you recharge and we got a variety of reactions over text. 

Is there something popular out that causes you to have a negative reaction? Bill asked that question and we linked up with your over text for your responses to that question. 

Dave saw an Instagram post from Steven Curtis Chapman and reacted by sharing one of our favorite stories from him. 

And that chain reaction by us led to sharing another hilarious story that Dave Barnes once told us. 

Bill was reminded of Casting Crowns song, Broken Together, after hearing When We Fall Apart. And he linked that to the passage in James 1:3-4 on long obedience. 

While networking at the industry conference last week, Carmen was chatting with a guy who not only had links to Steven Curtis Chapman but CeCe Winans as well. She told us about that conversation .

And for his BIG Word, Bill connected his word choice back to his little game of Chain Reaction. 


00:33 Chad Veach 12 Hacks - Part 1 

05:31 Chad Veach 12 Hacks - Part 2

08:56 30th. Anniversary and Chain Reaction 

13:08 Chain Reaction Game 

17:18 Apple Wallet and Driver's License 

22:58 How Do You Recharge? 

24:40 Text Responses 

29:21 Rest and Productivity 

34:23 Popular Things You Can't Stand 

38:46 Text Responses 

41:54 Steven Curtis Chapman Nile Rafting Story 

50:16 Dave Barnes Chicken Story 

54:06 James 1:3-4 Long Obedience 

58:24 Gushing over CeCe Winans 

1:01:53 Bill's BIG Word 

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