The Morning Cruise Replay - Catching Up

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

This morning we continued to catch you up with some stories from our industry conference last week. Dave told us about a new book from Michael W. Smith and we also heard about a new movie coming in the fall featuring many of your favorite JOY FM artists. 

We got an update on Gary Miracle as he continues to battle some health issues. 

Speaking of battles, we talked about the song Battle Belongs and how it is having an impact. 

Dave and Bill told the story of how Carmen was recruited at the conference to fill in for the keynote speaker. 

Dave shared some tips on haircare involving ketchup and that led to another conversation on the use of mayo as a combatant to lice. 

If you felt behind the times  yesterday during the internet outage, you weren't alone. Bill gave some tips on safety measures when technology fails us. 

Dave gave an update on his granddaughter who spent the night last night. 

Annie F Downs shared a story at the conference that had a big surprise for one of her former interns and will impact how we send out packages here at The JOY FM. 

And Bill surprised us with a fun BIG Word. 

00:33 Michael W. Smith and The Way Of The Father 

06:25 The Jesus Music Movie Trailer 

09:58 Gary Miracle Update 

14:29 Battle Belongs 

17:56 Carmen's keynot speech 

26:34 All the things on 

27:44 Ketchup haircare 

31:49 Mayo and Lice 

35:26 Internet outage and what you can do 

40:21 Emmie's egg cracking skills 

43:10 Annie F Downs and Confetti

51:43 Bill's BIG Word 

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