The Morning Cruise Replay - Lessons In Love

Thursday, June 10, 2021

After resharing a couple of conversations that we had earlier this week, we had a few lessons in love this morning.

Bill is going out of town with his wife this weekend to celebrate their 30th anniversary. Carmen gave Bill an assignment to make this trip a memorable one. 

Matt called in as he had some questions for Bill when it comes to officiating a wedding. 

And that led Bill to share some of what he has learned about the mystery of marriage through Ephesians 5. 

For audiophiles, they love that vinyl records are making a comeback. Carmen picked up a turntable a few years ago but isn't quite happy with it so she asked the 2 audiophiles she knows (Dave and Bill) , for some thoughts on another brand. 

Haley shared some thoughts on Instagram lately about being in a "stuck season" as a single Christian female. 

And for nature lovers, many are being serenaded by cicadas. Bill thinks of summer with the sound of cicadas. For the sound of winter, his birdwatching has him thinking about the whippoorwill. 

If only he could find the right call for them to help Carmen identify them as well. 


00:33 Carmen's assignment for Bill's anniversary 

04:33 Matt has questions for Bill on officiating a wedding 

08:51 Ephesians 5 and Mystery of Marriage 

13:11 Return of Vinyl 

17:06 Audio-Technica Turntable 

21:06 Haley is in a stuck season - part 1

24:13 Haley is in a stuck season - part 2 

28:41 Haley is in a stuck season - part 3 

31:12 Cicadas and whippoorwill 

34:53 Whippoorwill call 

36:13 Bill's BIG Word 


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