The Morning Cruise Replay- Learnin' and Laughin'

Friday, June 11, 2021

With Bill out for an anniversary trip with his wife, Dave and Carmen invited Jayar to join them this morning. And we did lots of laughing and learning this morning. 

As Jayar got settled in, he needed a sip of coffee and that got us started on coffee preferences. 

With Father's Day coming up, Carmen was curious to find out how Dave and Jayar would prefer to spend the day. 

As early as it was for Jayar to be in, Dave noticed that he seemed more put together than usual and wanted to find out what his secret was. 

Turns out that Dave and Jayar have been using men's grooming products from JOY FM artist, Matty Mullins. 

Carmen wanted to learn from Jayar what he thought about working a different pace for the morning show rather than the pace he sets for you each afternoon. 

Jayar shared the results of his recent search on Google for "Who Created God?" 

Carmen shared that yesterday was her 17th anniversary here at The JOY FM. 

Dave shared 3 new songs with us and learned your opinions on the tunes. 

Carmen learned that her daughter was going with Jayar to a comedy show tonight featuring Nate Bargatze. And Jayar recently learned that his oldest daughter is thinking about moving out. 

And a hungry Jayar wanted to know how long Dave and Carmen could survive in the wilderness. 

00:33 First sip of coffee 

02:59 How To Celebrate Father's Day 

06:46 Jayar's new haircare product 

11:15 Jovan Musk 

15:52 Where To Find these products 

18:28 working mornings vs afternoons 

25:04 Googling Who Created God 

29:29 Carmen's 17 anniversary at work 

33:21 Dave's got new music to share 

34:58 Terrian - Stayed In Him 

36:00 Apollo LTD - Sunday Morning Feeling 

37:16 Coby James - Brand New 

40:08 Reactions to the songs 

41:57 Nate Bargatze show/ Jayar's oldest moving out 

46:41 Jayar is hungry and how long could you survive in the wilderness 

51:22 What we learned today 

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