The Morning Cruise Replay - Busting A Gut

Monday, June 14, 2021

As Bill is on his way back after a long weekend to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary, Jayar came in again to help out. And whenever Jayar comes in, it is almost a guarantee you will bust a gut. Coincidentally, Jayar is trying to bust his gut by getting back on track with his weight loss efforts. 

Dave got the laughter started with a story about a modern day version of Noah's ark that has been deemed "unseaworthy". 

Jayar is making efforts to lose weight in anticipation of a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. And he's hoping to not have a repeat performance of last year during his visit when he broke a plastic chair. 

And that story reminded Dave of his first time ever meeting Carmen. 

Carmen went shopping recently and had to return to the store with one garment as a small detail was missed in the transaction. 

Dave brought us another story with biblical ties as a man is recovering after nearly being swallowed by a whale. 

Last week, Jayar and Dave were raving about On Point Pomade and Beard Oil. That caused many of you to pick up some of the product as well, leading to a surprise for Matty Mullins and he just had to call us and tell us what happened. 

Jayar told us how Nate Bargatze had him laughing despite some distractions at a comedy show on Friday night. 

Carmen shared a hilarious response to spam calls. 

With Dave and Carmen stepping out for a cup of coffee, Jayar shared how he had a panic attack in the early morning hours  this morning, and what helped him overcome his anxious thoughts. 

Dave reminded him that he could have reached out to the Prayer Line as well. 

If it seems cloudy over the next few days, Dave explained what is happening...again! 

Jayar is attempting to get back on track with his weight loss goals. 

Jayar told us how he met up with someone he made a deal with on Facebook Marketplace and they turned out to be fans of his show and The JOY FM. 

That reminded Dave of a story where Mark Schulz was recognized in public at an inopportune time. 

00:33 Noah's Ark Replica grounded 

02:46 Jayar's chair breaking trip to Dominican Republic. 

05:21 Dave's first time meeting Carmen 

10:02 Carmen's security tag issue 

14:49 Man swallowed by a whale 

19:22 Call with Matty Mullins for On Point Pomade 

24:40 Jayar's trip to Nate Bargatze show 

30:16 Spam Calls and a fake CIA response 

32:50 Jayar's Response to a Panic Attack 

36:39 The JOY FM Prayer Line 

38:06 Saharan Dust Cloud 

41:04 Jayar's weight loss efforts 

46:01 Facebook Marketplace meeting 

49:22 Mark Schulz gets recognized 

51:54 Where to find audio from Jayar on his panic attack 


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