The Morning Cruise Replay - Ship That!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Bill and his wife, Kimberly, found themselves asking, "What ship is that?" as they watched the cargo ships come in and out of the port in Savannah, Georgia. So Bill, went and found an app to answer that question. 

And after Dave told us about a Chicago-area staple making their way to Chicago, he had to ask what food you would want to have shipped to you. 


00:32 Bill's new ship watching hobby 

05:57 Have Coffee. Will Travel. 

08:36 The Chosen - Seeing Jesus 

13:27 Missed assignments in Louie's book 

16:44 Portillo's In Orlando 

21:08 Tea and grits 

24:10 Caller from Chicago 

27:20 Texts on missing regional favorites 

30:30 Kristi Mclelland and wilderness 

35:57 Lean In 

39:15 Story of Jimmy 

43:38 She Knows My Name 

46:58 Rude Guest Behaviors 

54:28 Responses to Rude Guest Behaviors 

55:27 Bill's BIG Word   

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