The Morning Cruise Replay - Coaching Up

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Dave got us started this morning with a story of a man who got more than he bargained for with the city that he was trying to start his fitness coaching business in. That led him to sharing a hilarious story from Bart Millard of MercyMe that we recently heard from him.

We’re getting a little coaching in faith from Louie Giglio throughout the month of June as we read his new book, Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table. We shared some thoughts from Chapters 4-6 this morning and that led to Carmen coaching up women with a thought on keeping the door shut.

Jules took the family to the Grand Canyon for vacation and had to be more than her kids softball coach as she had to teach one daughter a life lesson. But speaking of coaching and life lessons, Jules did also share a story of a sweet moment with one of the girls on the team she is coaching.

Bill was inspired by Jules to share how his father-in-law was known to coach his college baseball players and prep them for life outside of the America’s pastime.

On his recent trip to Savannah, Bill picked up a new pastime and he brought along his coffeemaker on the trip as well.

Carmen has a new favorite coffee that she told us about.

Dave’s got another story on scary animals in Australia.

Bill needs some coaching on spontaneity but he’s got a BIG Word that goes right along with the idea of coaching up as well.


00:33 Water Tower Stories

05:16 Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat – Chapter 4

10:26 Don’t Give The Enemy A  Seat – Chapter 5

13:09 Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat – Chapter 6

16:33 Keeping The Door Shut

19:42 Jules takes the family to the Grand Canyon

23:40 Life Lessons in Softball with Julese

27:31 Coaching For Life

30:15 Bill’s new pastime

35:43 Have coffeemaker. Will travel

38:22 Carmen’s new coffee

42:13 Spider blanket in Australia

45:44 Bill and spontaneity

48:02 Bill’s BIG Word

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