The Morning Cruise Replay - Manly Motif

Friday, June 18, 2021

With Carmen taking a day off, Dave and Bill invited Jayar in to join them and give a manly motif today. 

Last Friday, Jayar was in for Bill and we learned then about his haircare routine featuring a pomade by JOY FM artist, Matty Mullins. We caught Bill up on all of that and Jayar told us about his diet, even though he shouldn't be talking about it. 

Bill asked Jayar and Dave for some collective fatherhood wisdom in anticipation of Father's Day this weekend. 

Dave shared a new song from Matthew West that is very appropriate for dads of daughters. 

Jayar's dad is in the hospital currently and he shared his dad's perspective on the man sharing a room with him that requires a lot of attention. 

Jayar also filled in for Bill this past Monday and shared how he had a panic attack in the early morning hours before that show. We shared those thoughts on our Facebook page and Bill shared a few of the comments that were made. 

With Carmen out, we couldn't resist sharing some of our favorite "Carmenisms". 

And even though Sunday is Father's Day, it is also the start of summer and we found a list of some of the most beautiful places to visit in the U.S. And then we asked for your suggestions. 

And Bill highlighted today's theme with his BIG Word. 

00:33 Jayar's haircare 

03:26 Jayar's diet 

05:16 Collective Fatherhood Wisdom - Dave 

08:50 Collective Fatherhood Wisdom - Jayar 

12:37 Texts on Dad's wisdom 

14:55 Modest is Hottest - Matthew West 

16:59 Reaction to the songs 

17:39 Keeping the gas tank full 

19:05 Pat Barrett Stories 

20:25 Dad's hospital room 

24:07 Facebook comments on Jayar's panic attack 

28:41 Carmenisms 

33:38 Our sister, Carmen 

38:07 15 most beautiful places to visit in the US

44:50 more places to visit 

47:56 Bill's BIG Word

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