The Morning Cruise Replay - Decisions, Decisions

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

We appreciate that you decided each and every day to make The JOY FM and The Morning Cruise a part of your day. We had lots of decisions to discuss on the show today. 

Dave decided to start the show off with a congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks who secured the NBA Championship last night. And then he told us how you can decide where to watch the Olympics if you are lucky enough. 

We've not decided how invested we are in the Olympics this year as there are several factors playing in our minds. 

There may be a few things that you are doing that could be adding years to your life. You may decide to change your behavior after hearing what those factors are. 

Having a hard time between criticism and discernment? Bill helps clear that up with the help of a couple of blog posts. 

Dave went for a bike ride yesterday but chose to take a different route after hearing what happened to another cyclist recently. 

Carmen decided 10 years ago that she wanted to celebrate her 40th by running a half marathon. That decision led to the formation of Team Freedom. As of today, registration for Team Freedom 2022 is open!!! 

Brandon Heath and family had to make the tough decision to cancel their vacation plans, so we called him to wish him a happy birthday! 

If you decide to join Team Freedom, there are a couple of options this year. And you could help add to the victories that Team Freedom has been a part of. After all, you have the acumen for it. 

00:32 NBA Champs - Milwaukee Bucks/ Watching the Olympics with Scottie Pippen 

06:19 2020 Olympics 

11:40 4 things to add 10 years to your life

18:41 Dave's Retirement Plan 

19:20 Criticism vs Discernment 

23:42 Keller's comments and pray first 

27:48 Cyclist attacked by gator 

31:30 Team Freedom

37:20 Birthday call  to Brandon 

41:14 Brandon's new song, Human Nature 

42:09 Team Freedom 

47:43 Anti-trafficking victories 

49:29 Bill's BIG Word 


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