The Morning Cruise Replay - In The Long Run

Wednesday, September 08, 2021

While he's known for throwing, Tom Brady has had a long run in the NFL as a quarterback. His jersey is a bestseller and we've got a couple of Bucs jerseys to give away today. 

Blue's Clues has had a long run of 25 years on Nick Jr. and to celebrate they brought back Steve with a message that brought some closure for many millenials. 

Bill's got a running dilemma of his own as he prepares for the Gasparilla Distance Classic with Team Freedom. But it was a hockey great that provided a little inspiration for the runner in Bill. 

When Bill brought up a product on the show a couple of weeks ago, Carmen ran to her computer and ordered some of the highly sought after Pumpkin Spice Toilet Paper. She surprised Dave and Bill with a roll each and they were disappointed to say the least. 

Crowder has had a long run in his musical career and spanning a wide variety of genres. We'll be talking more with him tomorrow on his latest project. But what do Crowder and Tom Selleck have in common besides their facial hair? Carmen has the details for you. 

We'll be running to our computers later today to watch Paige Brown's first message on Romans in her Fall Bible Study. 

Bill shared a list of the top cities for running and Carmen kicked off her jersey contest on Instagram. 

The JOY FM has had a long run on the air thanks to your support. And for awhile now, we've been sharing parody songs for Sharathons and Friendraisers. We've got so many now, we could do a Greatest Hits album. 

And it took Bill a little longer than usual to tell us about his BIG Word today. 


00:33 Tom Brady jerseys 

03:02 Blue's Clues 25th anniversary message from Steve 

06:03 Bill's Running Dilemma 

11:38 Texts and Michael Scott quote 

13:23 September and Pumpkin Spice Toilet Paper 

17:32 Off the Rails and posting on Instagram 

21:36 Crowder and Tom Selleck 

25:34 Paige Brown today 

30:10 Top 10 Cities for Running 

33:59 Jersey contest  on Instagram 

37:06 Givin Like and Greatest Hits Songs 

43:43 Follow us on Instagram 

45:14 Bill's BIG Word 


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