The Morning Cruise Replay - A Study of the Calendar

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Listening to today's show might cause you to look at the calendar to see what day it is. Carmen started us off by looking ahead to Christmas. 

And we've been looking forward to next week with the start of Sharathon. Which may be a bit of a conflict for Bill and his new fascination with Fat Bear Week. 

You may want to adjust your calendar and fit in some time for travel after hearing the benefits that Dave found in one study. 

Clearing things off of your schedule can prove to be difficult with social media being such a distraction. But the dangers of using Facebook and Instagram are far greater for teen girls than many realize. And it doesn't just apply to teen girls. 

And the mundane that fills up our calendar can cause us to wonder if it really matters. Bill has the answer to that question from a blog post at 

Dave's granddaughter is living in the moment with her fascination towards caterpillars. 

And we got a sneak peek of new music coming later this week from TobyMac, courtesy of Dave. 

All the studies and time we spent with you this morning has Bill thinking a lot about his BIG Word. 

00:32 Who is the Christmas Elf? 

05:23 Dolly Parton Advent Calendar and Christmas Cookies 

07:42 Sharathon 

12:06 Travel Study 

15:10 Fat Bear Week 

19:00 Which bear to vote for

20:18 Facebook and Instagram

28:26 Watch out for self 

32:54 Significance of the mundane 

38:31 Emmie's Caterpillars 

42:34 New music from TobyMac 

43:29 New sound from Toby

45:18 3 Things 

46:22 Bill's BIG Word 


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