The Morning Cruise Replay - What's The Scoop?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bill has been leading a women's Bible Study here at the office with some coworkers and he gave us the scoop on the last chapter of the book they read, Identity Theft. There's a new version of Believe For It, featuring a guest appearance by Lauren Daigle. 

Whenever Carmen talks about some healthy food options, you want the scoop on where to find it. And today she shared 4 foods that cause inflammation. 

There's a commercial for Geico that has people reminiscing and a little hungry for a scoop of ice cream. So Scoop, There It Is is now a real thing! 

What's Sharathon? Bill's got the details for you today. 

History was made last night as Bill told us about the latest mission to space, which was news to Carmen. 

Dave's got a couple of dilemmas, one home-grown, the other created by Carmen. 

We caught up with Mac Powell, to get the scoop on his debut solo album, New Creation. 

And Bill gave us some food for thought with his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:33 Longing for Home 

04:18 New music from CeCe & Lauren 

05:20 Jen Smiley - Read The Labels 

08:57 4 inflammation ingredients 

12:38 Scoop, There It Is 

16:31 Sharathon 

19:24 Space X Launch of Civilian mission 

24:22 Dilemmas for Dave 

28:26 Mac Powell gets creative for a show 

33:08 Mac Powell's love for Bama football 

35:59 The significance of 1991 

39:20 River of Life 

44:31 Upcoming Tour Stops 

46:38 Where to find the conversation 

47:10 Bill's BIG Word 

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