The Morning Cruise Replay - The Power of Women

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Today's show had quite the feminine presence as we went through the show today. 

Bill got us started by taking a look at research on the biological differences with chores. Dave tried to separate himself from Bill on that study! 

Carmen shared a powerful Instagram post from Lysa TerKeurst with some advice on helping friends through tough times. 

Dave told us about a record setting collection of Coke cans and that had him reminiscing about a time when he tried to collect things. And then he asked what others collected in their younger days. We heard from one listener that had collected all 50 of the special 7UP cans from the bicentennial. 

And then we heard from a woman that told us about her dad's collection that mysteriously went missing. 

Bill gave us a review of The Jesus Music Movie and was surprised to learn about a concert in Lakeland that proved to be a pivotal moment for the industry. That had Carmen thinking about the time she was at her lowest and God intervened when she was at a coffee shop in Tampa. And God shined his light at the same intersection this morning for another listener. 

The last hour of the show was a chat with Jen Smiley, a food expert with the Instagram account, @wakeupandreadthelabels, and she gave us some insight into what is in some of our foods. 

00:33 Chores and biology 

04:56 Paper Towels 

07:18 Lysa TerKeurst Instagram Post 

11:13 Power of Women 

14:32 Coke can collection 

20:56 7UP 50 States Collection 

23:32 Missing Silver Coin Collection 

25:52 Jen Smiley on soon 

28:22 The Jesus Music Movie Review 

33:06 Carmen and Dave react to Bill's review 

38:23 story of caller at Westshore 

39:43 Jen Smiley - How Her Story Got Started 

43:44 Jen Smiley - How The Word Spread 

46:29 Jen Smiley - Her Approach to Coaching 

49:44 Jen Smiley - Difference in Oils 

54:41 Jen Smiley - Client Testimonials


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