The Morning Cruise Replay - Around The House

Friday, October 15, 2021

Make yourself at home on today’s episode of The Morning Cruise Replay!

We started with a call to Jules who is helping Carmen get some items for her home in a roundabout way.

And then Jules told us about taking her kids to the Little White House for fall break.

Dave told us the story of one Bosnian man who took on a project for his wife to make their house spin!

And that story took Carmen back to her childhood home in Jacksonville, Alabama where there was a geodesic dome house not far down the road.

Then Carmen told us the story of Tammi and the Tilapia Farmer to then turn around and tell us another bad dating story. Let’s just say that neither Tammi or the Taco Girl are gonna be bringing these guys home to meet the parents!

Just as a home is a place of comfort, there are times we need to offer comfort to friends going through tough times. Carmen has some advice from Lysa TerKeurst on just that.

And Bill has a prayer for the girls in the dresses going to Homecoming.

And we couldn’t help but reshare one of our favorite moments from the last 15 years… a couple of phone calls to Phoebe.


00:33 Jules home goods transport service

02:52 Jules family trip to the Little White House

06:40 A spinning house

10:15 Dome houses

12:25 Tammi and the Tilapia Farmer

15:33 Taco Girl

21:57 Lysa TerKeurst 3 Things for Friends

25:52 A Prayer for Homecoming

28:48 Our first call to Phoebe

32:31 Phoebe meets “Big Ol’ Daddy”

36:32 Bill’s BIG Word

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