The Morning Cruise Replay - Shed A Little Light

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Seeing the sunrise and sunset had Carmen thinking of Lamentations 3:22-24. That had Dave giving us some insight into his decorating style. 

Bill asked Carmen to look at her nails as his wife shed a little light on a problem she's been having at the nail salon. 

Part of the earlier conversation on the sun rise was inspired by a conversation we had with Mac Powell which you'll be hearing in a couple of weeks. 

Dave told us how one of Carmen's superstitions was caught on camera. And that wasn't the only thing that was uncovered on our social media feeds. Apparently, there was a video that had Carmen sharing her passwords! 

And that Lucy-like moment had Dave telling us about the new movie looking at the spotlight around Lucille Ball and Nicole Kidman who is playing the comedienne in the new film. 

Anytime we have Jules on it's almost guaranteed to be a light-hearted moment filled with laughs and that was the case this morning as she is getting ready to host a baby shower for a coworker. 

And one Jags player made an incredible catch this week with the birth of his daughter at home! 

Bill shed a little light on some recent studies. One on the power of "Thank You!" and the other on the differences between city folk and country folk. 

And as always Bill brightened up our vocabulary with his BIG Word. 

00:33 Mercies New Every Morning

03:17 Dave’s Sunset Wall

06:16 Bill looks at Carmen’s nails

08:04 Kimberly’s nails problem

12:00 Time With Mac Powell

13:21 Sign of the Cross on the plane

17:38 Dave gets ready to talk about Carmen

18:09 Carmen’s Passwords

21:14 Lucy Movie

24:26 Jules preps for a baby shower

27:16 Jags Player makes big catch at home

29:23 The Power of Thank You

33:21 City Folk vs Country Folk

36:42 Bill’s BIG Word

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