The Morning Cruise Replay - Glass Half Full

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Carmen shared some thoughts on the perspective of a "glass half full" and dealing with people that see things with a "glass half empty" lens. And shortly after that she had an illustration for us all with a call to her husband, Pete. 

The right song at the right time is a great way to start your day with a glass half full outlook. 

Jayar met Henry Winkler in the airport this weekend and Dave was even more excited for the possibility of a Happy Days reboot. 

After Carmen's lesson on a Glass Half full, Bill gave those of us with a day full of phone notifications a way to limit some of those distractions. 

Dave's wife has upgraded her technology with a new phone and an Apple Watch. Now she's trying to figure out how to make her rings full each day on the activity tracker. 

00:32 Thanks for your partnership 

02:10 The Fonz and Happy Days Reboot 

08:34 TV themes/ Laverne & Shirley 

12:25 Glass Half Full 

17:20 3 Questions 

21:40 Carmen needs to call Pete 

22:42 Call to Pete 

29:11 Changing Phone Notifications 

33:05 Changing Phone Notifications 

37:22 Emilie upgrades technology 

43:32 Carmen's increase in fitness 

47:23 Bill's BIG Word 


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