The Morning Cruise Replay - Learning and Leading

Friday, March 17, 2023

It's St. Patrick's Day but on this Friday, we did a lot of learning and leading including learning about leading.

For instance, Jules learns something from her  3 daughters all the time as their mother. Sometimes it comes in the form of flattery and sometimes it comes at sweet moments. 

Bill put his professor hat on to teach us about St. Patrick and how he led many in Ireland.

Dave shared a new song from Colton Dixon and we got quite a few texts reacting to the song. Some of those texts came from surprising locations so we asked where else on God's green earth you might be listening from. 

Carmen shared from Day 8 of Alicia Britt Chole's Lent Devotional, 40 Days of Decrease. ( Yes, she knows it isn't the 8th day of Lent...) 

Lots of people learned quickly that they are not the best at picking teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament as Bill told us just how many brackets are intact after 2 upsets in Day 1 of the tournament yesterday. 

Surprisingly, Dave picked one of those upsets so his bracket is (mostly) intact. 

And we always learn something when Bill gives us his BIG Word of the Day. 


00:32 Jules - Suzie's Flattery 

03:46 Jules - Suzie's Sweet moment 

07:41 St. Patrick's Day and Patrick 

11:46 Trinity 

17:12 New song from Colton Dixon 

18:18 Reaction to the new song 

20:23 Texts 

21:50 40 Days of Decrease - Fixing It 

27:02 texts from all over 

28:30 Busted Brackets with upset wins 

31:32 Dave's bracket 

33:34 Bill's BIG Word 

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