The Morning Cruise Replay - Well Traveled

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

With Memorial Day weekend just ahead, we were focused on travel during the show today. But before we got to that, Bill reminded us that Pentecost Sunday is this weekend as well and shared some thoughts from The Bible Project answering the question, "What Is Pentecost?" 

As Bill shared that, Carmen was reminded why it is so great to read Scripture. 

Speaking of reading, if you are looking for some books to read over the summer, we recommend several books from the late Tim Keller. 

Dave shared the list of top travel destinations for Memorial Day and then asked about the worst travel stories and we heard some doozies! 

Carmen is traveling to the Bahamas to not only celebrate Memorial Day but her anniversary with her husband, Pete. There's just one small issue with another member of their traveling party. 

Bill's plans for Memorial Day are closer to home as car troubles are putting the brakes on his plans for a new grill. 

The journey of parenting is a bumpy road sometimes. And Bill shared a blog post from Paul David Tripp who takes the road less traveled in pointing out what he believes to be the #1 parenting passage in the Bible. 

Carmen has traveled all over to different grocery stores looking for Kevin's Chicken as she had shared about it recently and then couldn't find any. But then she was concerned about expiration dates and stockpiling. 


00:32 What Is Pentecost? 

04:25 Reading and making connection

08:30 Every Good Endeavor 

11:44 Tim Keller's Books 

15:12 Memorial Day Travel Top Destinations 

20:36 Travel Horror Stories 

26:24 Carmen on Don's plane 

33:21 Text from Mike and Diana 

34:27 Passport needed today! 

38:27 Grill woes 

41:26 Parenting Bible Passage 

46:57 text on parenting failure 

49:27 Kevin's Chicken back in store 

52:54 Stockpiling 

55:01 Bill's BIG Word

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