The Morning Cruise Replay - By All Appearances

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Coming soon to a small screen near you may be  new cartoon series called The Garden, a Christ-centered cartoon series from the creator of The Fairly Odd Parents on Nickelodeon. 

Bill and Carmen are falling behind on The Chosen and have plans to catch up soon. 

Carmen's got an anniversary trip to the Bahamas this weekend and the last time she made the trip she was afraid she would disappear somewhere around the Bermuda Triangle. 

Dave has an anniversary trip planned with his wife for a bed and breakfast in St. Augustine. But it appears that Bill won't be able to celebrate his anniversary with his wife as she will be chaperoning a youth trip on that date. 

Jayar got a new Fitbit for his birthday, but he's still trying to figure out what all the numbers appearing on his watch face mean. 

By all appearances, mixing melted chocolate and cottage cheese sounds like a disaster, but it apparently is a tasty 2-ingredient recipe for fudge! 

Bill and his wife took their granddaughter to the beach the other day and it appears as though they don't need to invest in any special beach toys for her! 

For locals, making an appearance at tourist spots doesn't ever happen until you have visitors in town. 

Dave shared a list of the best buffet restaurants and appearing at the top of the list was Der Dutchman in Sarasota! 

Chick-fil-A's original mall store at Greenbriar mall has closed down after more than 50 years as a result of the mall closing its doors for good. 

Jules daughter made a public revelation about her abilities when it comes to cooking rice and we were wondering why Jules appearance this morning seemed a bit out of sorts for her. 

00:32 The Garden Cartoon Series 

03:54 Falling behind on The Chosen 

07:42 Carmen's Anniversary Trip to the Bahamas 

10:49 Anniversary Trip plans for Dave and Bill 

14:20 Jayar's Fitbit Trouble 

17:40 Cottage Cheese Fudge 

20:21 Addie and Sandsculpting 

24:06 Places You Don't Go Without Visitors 

28:04 Best Buffet 

31:50 Original Chick-fil-A closing 

36:06 Jules - rice burning pro 

40:16 Jules - 3am wakeup call 

42:59 Bill's BIG Word 

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