The Morning Cruise Replay - Go! Go! Go!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Today is the last day before Sharathon tomorrow and we asked for your help to get the momentum going today. You came through in a big way! 

Dave also told us how he lost sleep as he was watching college football late Saturday night. 

Bill's son couldn't go very far with a broken down vehicle on the side of the road but that didn't stop them from watching NFL football yesterday. 

Carmen shared from Paige Brown's latest message from her Fall 2023 Bible Study on Jonah. 

Bill can't go up north right now (with Sharathon starting and all...) but that isn't stopping him from checking out fall foliage cameras! 

How much do you think a Bob Ross painting would go for at auction? You might be surprised to hear just how much the first painting from his show is going for! 

If you've got a dysfunction or two that you would like to see go, Carmen recommends the message she heard yesterday from Pastor Aaron Burke on Defeating Your Dysfunction. 

Bill shared how his pastor spoke on marriage yesterday and he also shared a blog post from The Gospel Coalition on 5 Bad Reasons To Get A Divorce. 

00:32 Last Day before tomorrow! 

04:08 Momentum 

07:27 Dave stayed up late for Colorado football 

10:46 Bill on I-75/ Shaq Barrett 

14:10 Sharathon pre-giving

17:28 How To Pre-give 

18:27 Jonah clip from Paige Brown 

21:17 Sharathon warnings 

25:30 Fall foliage cameras 

28:43 Bob Ross painting at auction 

33:08 Pre-giving update 

36:46 Defeating Your Dysfunction 

40:13 5 Bad Reasons To Get A Divorce 

44:03 Sharathon pre-giving totals 

46:24 Bill's BIG Word 

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