The Morning Cruise Replay - By Committee

Monday, December 04, 2023

A certain sports committee has everyone talking today and we had a giveaway that required a committee to find a winner  on today's show. 

00:32 Dave and Emilie at Doctor's today 

02:33 JOY Worship 

03:06 FSU National Championship snub 

11:18 Advent started yesterday 

11:46 Advent slow or fast 

15:09 Max Lucado 

18:47 Travel Makeup Bags 

22:33 texts and Carmen's pronunciation of "toiletries" 

25:42 Choosing winners 

26:27 Jayar's love of English Football 

34:22 Sing For Your Makeup Bag 

37:45 Michelle's 40th Anniversary Vow Renewal 

41:48 Makeup Bag Open Mics 

43:17 More Open Mic Entries 

46:35 Wrapping up the Open Mics 




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