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Coming December 14th!
Welcome The JOY FM Home

Coming December 14th! - Welcome The JOY FM Home

Like any expanding family, we've outgrown our original studios and the office space we've been renting for more than 36 years! For the last 15 years, we've been saving money for a building and searching for a new location to call our own. We're thrilled that God has provided the perfect building, in the perfect location, to be the center for our operations. And now, it is OURS! Still, it will take a lot of work (and a lot of money) to turn our “right-sized” building into a radio station with studios that will be the headquarters for ministry of The JOY FM. We have a longtime supporter and friend of the ministry who wants to help fund these build out expenses! And he wants to encourage you to join him in helping to make this new building a home for The JOY FM. Our generous friend has challenged us to raise one million dollars by December 31st and will match 100% of that if The JOY FM receives it by the end of the year.